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Project Setup & Templates

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Data Structure

4 Parts

Site Functionality

5 Parts

Guest Checkout

6 Parts

Payment Integration

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I asked users to share their experience with this course, here are some replies :)

"I really like the breakdown of concepts which you have prepared so to not potentially overwhelm people and help us gain a better understanding of the entire build process." - Sipo C.
It was a really awesome coach, and it also helps to maintain the learning process" - Dip B.
"Just bought your course. Just checking that there is no bug in the system $12.49 got me all the modules? If so really great price... I can't wait to get going on this." - Rob R.
"Dennis, I don't have words to let let you know how much these courses are helping me. These are indeed my life savers. Thanks a lot for all the efforts you're putting in for us ♥️." - Nabeel T.
"I am totally impressed with your work. Your working plan is so sophisticated and you made it so comfortable to learn with." - Manish
"Amazing!! Coming here following on from your Django course, really appreciate how much time you put into these and how well you explain things! Please keep creating content, there are lots of budding developers such as myself that benefit greatly from it!" - Pete N.
" Great Job.. this is inspiring. You made ecommerce very easy for new developers. Really this is the way to Make some understand in simple way. In my career i worked only on software development like ERP, CMS, Finance Software etc. But this is my first time to watch ecommerce tutorial and you made is very easy for me.. thanks a lot." - Shabab S.
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